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Traveling This Winter?

Are you planning on escaping freezing temperatures and slushy streets? If so, we have a few recommendations to keep you from having to file a homeowners insurance claim when you get back. -Have your furnace inspected and change the filter. Then set your minimum temperature to 55 degrees to keep your pipes from freezing while you are gone. -If you are going to be gone for more... Read Article

Winter Driving Tips

Driving in the snow can present some challenges, so give yourself every advantage you can get. Clear the snow off of your entire vehicle, not just the front windshield. All that extra snow weight can really affect your vehicle's balance and gas mileage. You also do not want all that snow on your roof to fall on your windshield when you stop. Maintain proper tire... Read Article

Help Surviving The Snow

As I am sure you know, the snow is finally here in Chicago, and it looks like it is going to be bad. Luckily our city has some great online resources to help you survive the snow. You can find them on There, you can use the Plow Tracker tool to find out where the city's plows are, get the latest weather information, sign up... Read Article

Homeowner's Insurance Can Be Confusing

If you have ever looked at your Homeowners policy and wondered what it all meant, here is a great resource from an author over at Of course, if you have questions about your policy, you can always reach out to us as well! Don't hesitate to call. We are more than happy to help. -The AArdvark... Read Article