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Is Renters Insurance Necessary? @AArdvarkchicago

People ask our office constantly, “is renters insurance that important?” Obviously, we stress that yes, renters insurance is of the upmost importance, but we came across an article that summarizes it perfectly through a brief 3 minute activity.

First: list every room in your apartment
Second: write down 3-5 of the most expensive items in each of those rooms.
Third: estimate how much it would cost to replace each of those items and
Fourth: add that total up.

Amongst some of our carriers, the lowest minimum deductible can be as little as $250. So if your total value from the fourth criteria of the activity is more than $250, then renters insurance is something you should not just consider, but immediately act upon. Furthermore, renteres insurance can cost as little as $15 per month. Now you may be telling yourself, this is great but I do not need it because of xyz.

A good friend of mine who lives on the 23rd floor of a high rise in downtown Chicago, recently had his apartment robbed while he was out. Thankfully, because of his renters insurance, he was able to replace everything that was stolen. That being said, incidences can happen anywhere.

Have questions about renters insurance? Give our office a call or shoot us an email. We would be thrilled to help set you up with the best possible policy to service your needs.


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