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Traveling This Winter?

Are you planning on escaping freezing temperatures and slushy streets? If so, we have a few recommendations to keep you from having to file a homeowners insurance claim when you get back.

-Have your furnace inspected and change the filter. Then set your minimum temperature to 55 degrees to keep your pipes from freezing while you are gone.

-If you are going to be gone for more than a week, you should consider turning off your water supply lines. This will further reduce the likelihood of your pipes freezing.

-Make sure your doors and windows are securely locked. This will keep cold air (and intruders) from getting into your home.

-Have a neighbor collect your mail. Seeing mail pile up outside your house will tip off possible intruders that you are not home. You can also take the added precaution of putting your lights on timers.

-If you have an alarm company, let them know the dates you will be out of town. If not, contact the police department and give them the information.